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Dynamic Blocks - Rotation

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Hi there, hopefully this is just me being dumb.


What I have is an object that I have made into a block,


It has a vertical component, which can rotate 6 deg. clockwise and 11 deg. anti-clockwise.


Problem is, I need to limit the rotation 11 deg one way 6 the other, as the default location needs to stick at vertical.


The rotation parameter, as far as I have experienced, only allows me to limit movement in one direction, so it can rotate 17 deg. clockwise. Or 17 deg. anticlockwise.



What am I doing wrong?




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You can limit the rotation between 2 angles - minimum and maximum. Can you post a copy of the block it would be easier to answer if someone can actually see what you are trying to do.

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Hi there,


Attached is a quick file that illustrates the problem.



As you can see, I have limited the range that it can move, but for some reason which is likely my fault, it only rotates one way with the range set.


Which would be fine were it not that the default location needs to be vertical, not at the base.



Hope this makes more sense


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That's exactly what I wanted to do, thank you.


I can see what I was doing wrong now. - aka I was doing it completely wrong.



Brilliant :) this has been annoying me for a few days and I couldn't find any relevant/useful info that told me how to do it correctly.



Thanks again,

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