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Merge different groups into single one...


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You could just select the different groups you want to merge together, right click and select Make Group. This will place all the different groups into one single group.


Or you could select the different groups, right click and select explode. Then, while everything is still selected, right click and select Make Group.

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Yes, you can select a nested group within the larger group by either double clicking on the larger group or select the larger group then right click and select "Edit Group". Once you're in edit mode you can select any of the nested groups and move, scale or rotate them. If you want to edit one of the nested groups, just double click on it or select it, right click and select "Edit Group".


When you're done editing, right click and select "Close Group" or simply double click anywhere outside the group.


You might want to also check out Components. Here's a video showing the difference between groups and components:

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