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So I was working on a cad sheet with an xref.

Basically the xref exploded by itself and copied all the lines on to the actual drawing. There are bad linetype errors everywhere, and I cant open the file without it crashing on startup at the regenerating model phase.


If i xref the drawing into a new dwg all the work i had done is there and is fine and dandy... so If anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed I am all ears.

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I was literally just annotating in a viewport, CAD crashed and it wouldnt open back up. I changed my profile from civil to Autocad in order to open it back up. It worked but I had every single line of my Xref in my sheet file on top of my xref. I tried to go about deleting (overkill, purge, and evetually manually) but it crashed again and now it wont open at all.


But if I xref into a new drawing its all there.

we have a BID set going out on monday dont really want to have to rebuild the whole thing!

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Would you rather redraw it?


Since you have everything, utilize copy/paste to get the usable stuff into a fresh file.

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Sorry about that.


What were you doing when it happened?


I have a vague memory of having this happen long ago. I think it was related to improperly converting incoming files that were created with newer versions or possibly a network latency issue.


Another possibilty is that it a Civil issue and someone has come across it before. You may want to post in the C3D forum.

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I opened a new file to check a Xref path to a title block since Im rebuidling the sheet. Was working fine yesterday, today, crazy explosion of xref lines...

I am guessing it has something to do with file creation of new versions. I have the oldest version in the office. :cry:


Did you find anything that worked?

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