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Cuix file


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Dear friends,

Can anyone explain about CUIx file

i have got a new project and my client gave an CUIx file :? when i asked him the their Standard Layers,

I dont Know what to do with it

Can anyone help me with this how to import their layers in to my new drawing by using this CUIx file

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Do you have an example file of theirs?

It strikes me odd to have been given a CUIx file for something so simple.

If there is a similar project which they have done, and you could get one of those drawings, it would become the basis for your new .dwt file.


If you do a SAVEAS and choose file type .dwt (for a template file).

Using that drawing template later, to create a new file, you would have at least a sampling, or some of their layers already created in your drawing, with colors, linetypes, text styles, multileader styles, dimension styles and lots of other stuff already set up to their tastes. It would help you to hit their ground running.

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I would not use their CUIx file.


A CUIx is a Customised User Interface file - it contains a users customised screen and menu layouts, customised commands and shortcuts, etc.

If you load this it will change your menus, etc. to be the same as theirs.


The CUIx does not contain their standard layers or other drawing information, as dadgad says you would need a template, .dwt, drawing for that.


Sounds like your customer is not that familiar with Autocad and/or missunderstood when when you asked for their custom settings.

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Thankyou Dadgad and nukecad for your valuable reply even e i was also thinking the same what u both said, i was also surprised when they gave me this file, i thought i might be lack of knowledge abt CAD:unsure: so i came to you guys,

anyways thank you once again to both of you, now i am relieved, i will send a mail to my client asking the template file or a sample drawing which ever they have :-)

love u guys...

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