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2 screens with views


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I dunno why it is so hidden but it has now made my workspace normal to everything else in the drafting/design World. I have always been so use to dragging things to a second screen. MicroStation makes this a google search topic. Another area I would like to express is why a point on a command does not tell you anything at that point but you need to look down and hope it even tells anything. On going, for those that dont know how to do the 2 screen with views go to


main ribbon>workspace>preferences>check open two application windows box


Sounds simple. Not really. You can quickly get confused when it comes to setting an actual design to sheet. I do the that workspace application change for visual knowledge/comfort only. The sheet is your king like AutoCAD's layouts. Do not use two app unless you like seeing two visuals at once and understand they are not changing per view like a competitors viewport knowledge. Another flaw is it just un"fits" constantly. Im a newb to MicroStation but have knowledge of many type programs and it is just so funny to me. It is almost grade school in one way. The other way, I think they had to make it a little different for patent reasons. I respect their "point" import stuff. However, that balloons my brain when Civil 3D is just so smart and user friendly. I talked to someone today told me MicroStation will be out of Industry because they do not give a ****. We all struggle, GO AUTOCAD/SOLIDWORKS/INVENTOR/REVIT and not Skecthup and that crap!!!!!!!





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