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Parameter Definitions

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I am trying to manipulate or add parameter values to Autocads auto reporting functions.


For example, when placing cable pairs the information for how many pairs are utilized are built into the program as you see when selecting which pair to assign with a child component. But the Cable Report only defines the cable name and part numbers, not the number of spares...



On terminal block reports you have a list of parameters you can utilize %G %H %I %K %1 etc.. This is defined in the help section under "about replaceable parameters".


The problem is, these replaceable parameters are not well defined and I would like to make custom attributes to utilize in the terminal block reporting function.. I have made a few connections:


WD_M (hidden block defined by ACADE and required on all drawings) parameter TERM_LAY, the default parameter is "TERMS". If i change this to "custom" and change the parametric block parameter from TERMS_ to CUSTOM_ then the terminal block report will pick the CUSTOM_X variable value.


TERMS_X is defined by Parameter item %P specifically.. What I want to do is add a %X to be utilized in the report, alter WD_M to have CUSTOM parameter addition as "CUSTOM_" and then make a Parameter Definition that points %X to "CUSTOM" So I can hide items within these parametric building blocks to accurately and sufficiently display a terminal block report.


I think all i need to know how to do now, is define Parameters to create a new "replaceable parameter" that I can custom define to pick it up from my new CUSTOM WD_M block.



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