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How to extrude this all at once? inventor 2014


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I created a sketch on the face where the red arrow points to and extrude to get the groove cut out. My question is how can i extrude exact same thing all around? is that possible? or do i have to creat sketch each of them one by one, thanks

Roll Dia is 4 in





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Can't you mirror the feature or draw your wedge around a center point and revolve it.


gazza, how can i draw the wedge around? can u sketch on piece of paper and show me, sorry for late reply i was out of the office, just back.

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Attach your model and I am sure we can be of more help. We can't arbitrarily tell you to do something since our assumptions of how your part is modeled may not be accurate.



If you cannot attach your model, lets start with a few basic questions.



Is your initial sketch fully constrained?

Is your part built symmetrically around the origin of the part file?

Are your existing teeth part of a feature pattern (not a sketch pattern...shudder)

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Follow the pictures 1-4 and look carefully where the cursor is over.

Create a sketch on the correct plane.

Press F7 to slice graphics.

Project geometry needed.

Make new sketch.

Cut around the correct axis.

I think pictures 1 & 2 are the wrong way around, Hope this helps.







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