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Concrete beams, cast-in-place vs. pre-cast


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Hi there,


What i want is using cast-in-place conctrete beams....becos they "merge" beautifully (see attachement). Pre-casted ones dont merge like that.

But those cast-in-place beams dont come with a "start or end extension".


Can i add that option to those cast-in-place beams i was wondering? If yes, some directions would be nice =)




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Compare the two families in the Family Editor. under Family Categories and Parameters, I believe if you change the precast to "Concrete" then it'll auto-magically join when they touch/connect. This is the only structural option for the Material for Model Behavior parameter that auto-joins. See if that helps....



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ow nice, that worked fine...again (y)

now i renamed the family-name to: ***Precast Beam to ***Beam.

Is it possible to edit the standard material for those kinds of beams? Of course i can change it afterwards but i would like it to be f.i. ***C20/25 instead of "Concrete, Cast-in-place"


Edit: darn, the end and start-extension have disappeared when changing it to "concrete" like you suggested.:(

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I guess Precast Concrete and Concrete have its differences then....


As for the Material, yes you can always change the Material. You do it in the same way you change anything else, in Edit Type.

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