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Page set up and pc3 file questions

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I have my pages set up for all the size drawings that I do but I want to change one thing in the properties of the plotter that I use. I want the lines to merge instead of override, after I set up that change it asks if I want to save the changes and I do. yet the next time I plot the plotter properties does not have that change I made, it is in a separate .pc3 file. do I have to change all of my premade page set ups to use the new .pc3 file for the printer or can I actually change the setting in the actual plotter settings and have it stay as a default?

thanks for the help.

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I would think that you would have to make this change in your plot style or you would have to change your settings in your template. Any plotter settings you make are only for the current file your working with. This way a bunch of different people cant change the settings in a networked plotter just to fit their needs. If the plotter is connected directly to your computer then maybe you can change the settings.

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Also, make sure you make the change in your default Publish Options, and in your Auto- publish options just to cover the bases. In those two you simply pick it from a dropdown bar in the dialog windows.

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