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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I am having issues with what I believe could be a corrupted page setup file. I have gone to the page setup manager to try and delete and re-create, but ANY interaction with the page setup in question causes CAD to immediately lock up and crash (even a right click, somehow). Does anyone know the folder location of these files so that i can go in and manually get rid of one? Thanks Edit: I am using a windows 7 machine.
  2. I have my pages set up for all the size drawings that I do but I want to change one thing in the properties of the plotter that I use. I want the lines to merge instead of override, after I set up that change it asks if I want to save the changes and I do. yet the next time I plot the plotter properties does not have that change I made, it is in a separate .pc3 file. do I have to change all of my premade page set ups to use the new .pc3 file for the printer or can I actually change the setting in the actual plotter settings and have it stay as a default? thanks for the help.
  3. Dear CAD specialists, is there a way to read information from drawing (e.g. content of a specific text object, content/value of specific attribute or any other object that I can place in a layout) and then put that information in a command string? LISP is not in the range of solutions as: 1) I haven't had time to dig into it 2) I have quite a few LT users who also need to be able to use my solution Simple example of the problem I have an object with a value "5". I would like to draw a polyline with a width equal to that object's value ("5") using a Tool with a command string: ^C^C_PLINE;\width;[read object's value];[read object's value]; The real problem I have created PageSetups for different paper sizes for our plotter as well as for creating PDF and plt files. PageSetups include custom paper sizes. To simplify plotting I have created tools for each paper size with a command string e.g.: for plotter: ^C^Cpreview;-plot;N;;_A3_HP500;HP500_A3_A3.2_A3.1_A3.0.pc3;N;N; for pdf file: ^C^Cpreview;-plot;N;;_A3_DWG to PDF;CP_DWG To PDF.pc3;~;N;y; Explanation ^C^C: cancels all the previous commands preview: leads to print preview so the person can check if drawing is OK -plot: invokes plotting N: is the answer to question whether detailed plot configuration is necessary [empty]: uses default (actice) layout name for layout to be plotted _A3_HP500: is the name of PageSetup HP500_A3_A3.2_A3.1_A3.0.pc3: is the name of output device N: is the answer to question whether to write the plot to a file N; is the answer to question whether to save changes to PageSetup The last question which is answered manually is whether to proceed with plot What I would like to do is create a tool which reads the PageSetup name and output device name from something that I can define along with (or within) a layout. Each layout would contain 6 source objects/fields (plotter/pdf/plt x PageSetup/name of output device). This way I could use one tool for plotting, one for creating pdf file and one for creating plt file disregarding the current paper size The command string would look smt like: ^C^Cpreview;-plot;N;;[value from drawing A1];[value from drawing B1];N;N;
  4. Dear all, Hopefully someone can help me. I have been using until saturday Windows Vista and Autocad 2008, with out any problem, at least that windows vista was slowly. So I decide to upgrade my notebook and I add windows 7 - 64 bit and change my autocad to a 2010 version for this windows 7 as well. The acrobat is the 8 version. The problem is the following: I was able to work normally with this soft, but when I need to plot in PDF a drawing bigger than A0 page, it does not plot. If I add an A0 it works fine. Then I went to properties, change the page to a PostScript, and change paper size to 2100 mm in height and width, but anyway It still dont work. Is there anything I must set before ploting a bigger size page, with the new Autocad 2010 or with windows 7?? Thanks and looking forward to an answer!! All the best, Javier. Argentina. (sorry for my bad english)
  5. I have too many paper sizes in PageSetup. This makes choosing the proper page size too lengthy and time consuming. I only use two paper sizes namely A4 and A3 so I don't need to have English paper size like 11x14 in, Hagaki, Index Card and 30 other pagesetup. How can I delete or get rid of unnecessary paper sizes?
  6. Hi all I have this reoccurring issue with ACAD. It appears randomly and whenever we upgrade to newer versions of ACAD also. Now that we are upgrading to 2012 it has reared its ugly head again. Heres the issue; when I go to publish a set of drawings from sheet set manager it refuses to do so. It does not even show my page setups. So to get around this i will plot the drawings individually or create a DWF and plot them that way. Another way is to delete all the sheets within the sheet set and add them all again which fixes it, but its time consuming and quiet annoying having to do this all the time. Anyone come across this issue themselves and what can be done to stop it?? Cheers! p.s - I am currently working on 2011 but will be upgrading to 2012 asap, would like to solve this first though. Any help appreciated
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