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how to solid 3D a sketchup item ?


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Hello, I m quite a beginner in this but I like to use sketchup for drawing 3d items. But I will perhaps have to use Cad in times because I m working on a musical tool. So I need to build it an enclosure.

I made it in sketchup because cad is still hard and frustrating to me atm.


This is in order to ask for 3D printing prices.


I wanted to check the item in Cad and then I have been dragged to Mesh and Solid things; I dont understand these yet.


I dont know if my item must be meshed or solidified in order to allow the printers to build it properly, it looks like I must do that.


I m in the discovering process.


When I try to Tools > Solid Tools > Intersect (or other ones) my item in sketchup, it tells me "One or more of the selected objects is either not a solid or is locked"


I cant find how to make it solid. And as I told I don't know if I have to do that for the 3D printers. But the online printing services dosnt accept my files (dwg, 3ds, obj).


When meshing it in Cad, it s like.. an abstract artwork..



I would really appreciate some help :)


here is my sketchup item : boxup.skp

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