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adding dimensions to all walls /columns/grids


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Lee mac posted a nice one here a few days ago for rectangs, re walls sorry I have one but its copyrited, splat all done. A big clue use fence.


This is the Revit forum.


Marco, even if it were possible, the results in anything more than a very simple plan would need so much adjusting that it wouldn't save you any time.

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I was wondering; is there a way (or any addins/extensions) to add dimensions to all walls (or columns/grids/beams for that matter) at once?
Yes, the dimension tool does have a dimensioning subcomponent for Walls. Watch the quick video where I demonstrate this ability with Revit:




I believe it's only unique to walls... I haven't tried Columns or Grids, but you may want to give it a shot.


Hope this helps. :)



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Yes im arware of the wall-dimension-function....i wondered if such a thing exists for columns and grids (or like i stated for all at once). Now what rob says may make sense...if i was to have one button dimension-all...it would get messy making it right.

Still, that wall-function would be great for colums and grids =)

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