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(Batch-) plotting pdf or to plotter


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Is there a way to simply batch-plot all my sheets with different sizes all at once (hopefully creating seperate files). In acad this was very nice using sheetsets. only workaround i found is this: http://revit-nightmares.blogspot.be/2009/10/quick-printing-of-all-sheets-in-project.html

But exporting, opening, save as pdf.....isnt there a nicer way??



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Oh yeah, certainly. It's very easy.


First make sure you have a good PDF Plot Driver installed. The absolute best one for Revit, hands down, is PDFCreator: http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator


Then, follow the steps below. Now you won't be able to do multiple sizes at once. Then again I've never tried digging into this either. #5 is where you choose it to be separate files, or one massive file. Use the setup in PDFCreator to suppress the dialog box that pops up for each sheet. When you have multiple PDF's being made, this gets really annoying and fast. This way it'll just default to whatever directory and bam, all done. Use a utility like Bulk Rename Utility to rename the files in a batch process (removing prefixes, etc).


Hope this helps. :)





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Thanx, but thats not exactly what im looking for. Like you said, iit would be so much more efficient to send say 40 drawings at once to f.i. a PDF plotter, without having to worry about anything. In the link they use "choose paer source by paper size"...that would by such a great thing to have.

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