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Compound Wall

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Hi TZ and the rest,


I am composing an exterior compound wall with stone veneer on the base about 5 feet high, then upwards is stucco finish.


I created the exterior finish just the way "No Experience Required" book said, by splitting the two but it stopped short of explaining the scenario I am dealing with:


a. What if the two finishes have different thicknesses? The book only says to that effect that leave it, it will be handled when the time the finish layer is split and assigned. In my case, the stone veneer is 3/4" thk. and the stucco is 1/2" inch thk.. And I can't type over the cell on the material table because it does not allow (grayed out).


b. What if there is a molding that separates these two finishes? How can I trim the line (shown in my attachment as a broken line) on the space that is now occupied by the pre-cast molding when I inserted it?

Wall Issue #2.pdf

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