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Link Revit = Wblock or Xref

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Hi TZ,


I have come across this Link Revit icon under the Insert Tab.


I am now into balcony grills and since they are a little bit intricate and to be built entirely out from scratch, I want them isolatedly done without the noise, pollution, and traffic load of the existing components and elements in the drawing model, just like in AutoCAD to be xrefed like complicated drawing blocks. And if they are to be updated, they are out of the way of the host file and vice versa, so it's much comfortable to edit them.


Before I proceed, does this Link Revit works the same way?


What other techniques are used as per this situation?

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A link in Revit is like an XREF.


Groups in Revit are similar to blocks.


I cannot speak as to what is best for your situation. Personally, I would keep the model simple and let a detail cover the intricacies of the construction of the grill.

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Linking is intended for referencing an entire project, not a small portion of components.


You're using an AutoCAD mindset on this one. Revit is best used with all components integrated in the same model. Breaking them up would severely cripple the model and certainly the information. To get rid of the "noise and pollution", all you'd have to do is set up a View accordingly hiding Elements or Categories as needed.


And Rob is correct in his descriptions. My take is slightly different than his, as follows:

  • Link is similar to XREF, but intended for referencing entire projects, such as a structural project linking to an architectural project.
  • A Revit Family is similar to an AutoCAD Dynamic Block, but defined via category and is fully three dimensional other than a few types (Annotations, Detail Component, etc).
  • Groups behave similar to AutoCAD Blocks, but wouldn't be accurate to compare them equally.

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