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error in hatch pattern "Missing parameter on line 21619"


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I hope I am posting this on the correct forum.

I am having an issue with a custom hatch pattern. not one that I made. I found it on a website where you can share custom lisp routines and hatch patterns. I do not know how to create a hatch pattern. I am having an error with a certain line in the pattern and I can't figure out what the issue is. I do know some basics about how the code works for hatch patterns but that is it.

I know the numbers work something like this, angle, x-origin, y-origin, delta-x, delta-y , and if there are spaces in the line, you can do a positive number is a line, negative number is a space and a 0 is a dot.

what I don't know is how the line is effected by the line previous and after the offending line.

I have done everything I can think of to correct the issue and nothing has worked.



line 21618: 0, 34.9243125, 45.6868125, 0, 53.8125, 13.99125,-39.82125

line 21619: 90, 30.6193125, 0, 0, 53.8125, 4.843125,-48.969375

line 21620: 90, 30.6193125, 51.0680625, 0, 53.8125, 2.690625,-51.121875



I copied the text for the original hatch pattern into my acad.pat so I wouldn't have to deal with a lot of extra information. I just want the hatch pattern to work and I want to know how to fix it. this is not the only pattern that is having issues but this is the current one that is ticking me off.



Just to let you know I did go to the end of line 21619 and hit enter, that didn't fix it, I removed the spaces between the delta x and y, and origin x and y. and nothing helped. these are all solutions that I found when googling this error.



I just know that it is really obvious to someone what is wrong with this hatch pattern code and that when I figure it out I am going to say that was so obvious yet I didn't see it.



Thanks for any help,

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