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hatch pattern error, Missing parameter on line ***


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I hope I am posting this on the right forum.

I keep getting kicked out of the webpage and I have written this post 3 times so hopefully I don't miss any information writing it again.

I have an error in a hatch pattern and I have done everything I can think of to correct it.



line 21618: 0, 34.9243125, 45.6868125, 0, 53.8125, 13.99125,-39.82125

line 21619: 90, 30.6193125, 0, 0, 53.8125, 4.843125,-48.969375

line 21620: 90, 30.6193125, 51.0680625, 0, 53.8125, 2.690625,-51.121875



I only know basics on how hatch pattern code works.

The first number is angle, the next 2 are x-origin, y-origin, the next 2 are delta-x, delta-y and anything after that is about if the line is non-continuous dash1, dash2, … and each line can be up to 80 characters including spaces.



I did google the error and tried everything I found about hitting enter or getting rid of extra spaces. nothing worked

any help would be great.


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I rewrote this thread a few times it kept getting deleted so I wrote another one. then I found out one wasn't deleted it showed up so I tried to delete this one and I couldn't.

How do I delete this thread?

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