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Cannot Open OLE Object in to Excel

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Dear Friends and Experts,


Again I am here with a new problem


got a new project again


Now here i have an excel sheet and it was pasted as a link ( i think)

as i got this project my client is not having the excel sheet.

i have only the CAD file in which the excel sheet is pasted same as excel sheet

("not in table format")


Normally when i double click the Excel sheet or the OLE object it directly opens in to an excel file, here its not happening

it tells me "Failed to launch Server application"


tried by right clicking the object

right click-OLE-Convert


that dosent change anything:|:?


please help

i am attaching the drawing as well


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You need the Excel file. OLE is not the actual spread sheet. It is basically a snapshot. You need to ask the source for the linked file.

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