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Dynamic Block Copy/Rotate or Polar Array?


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I am trying to make a dynamic block to somewhat mimic the 3D Revolve command, since I can't Sweep or Revolve 3D entities in the dynamic block, I want to fake it by making a revolved curved piece that travels 5° increments of a circle at a time, the dynamic part would be to make it copy itself end to end using the same axis as the part. I tried polar and rotate, they won't copy AND rotate, they always stay in a straight line.

Anyone know how to do this?


R.L. Hamm

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I'm no expert in Dynamic Blocks....but I'm not sure that its possible.....open to be corrected here. Maybe a LISP routine could do it better to suit your purpose as then you could program exactly what you want rather than trying to find a work around using Dynamic Blocks?

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