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Windows show up different colours


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I am a bit lost and need assistance.. In my existing drawing plan my windows show up as solid grey and gold? in the new construction drawing plan same walls and windows are clear/white (This is what I want). I can not change the grey and gold windows to clear to match new construction plan. The cut planes and materials are the same so i guess its has to do with existing and new phases but can not find anything there that corrects this..

Jpeg attached,,


Hoping someone can assist..




Windows exist new plan different colours.jpg

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Thanks guys.. found that it was the shaded and hidden styles, all good.

No, actually right plan is a modification of the existing left plan with extension, why reworked Remark?, would like to hear your thoughts




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1. Back-to-back doors at the entry-way on the left side is a bad idea. Someone is going to end up with a door in their face. Imagine a person walking in with an armful of groceries through one door as someone is walking out the other. Get the idea?


2.The dining room is virtually useless given the configuration of the walls and the two openings to other rooms. Where do the double doors lead to anyway?


3. A bathroom with two means of access is not a good idea. Imagine you are on the "throne" when someone else decides they want to use the bathroom. The small size limits you to a toilet and maybe a vanity and not much else. You left no room for a shower or a bathtub.


4. None of the bedrooms have closets. There are also no closets for hanging coats when you have guests nor is there a linen closet. Where did you expect to hang clothes and store such things as linens or toiletries?


5. Are you missing a door between the new bedroom and the ensuite?


6. Do you realize there is no window in the bedroom that is next to the bathroom?


Can we see the entire floorplan? Seems you cut off a portion of the top.


What is a "snug"?


Does the house also have a basement or crawlspace or will it be slab-on-grade?


What is the design criteria you are following? Does the house have to have three bedrooms?

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Hi ReMark

Thanks for your time taken on your thoughts to the plans.

The drawings I have created have been based on a design created by others (parents). Will pass on your thoughts..

Have attached PDF with reply to your post.

Regards n a happy new year :)


ReMark reply.pdf

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craig: The holidays and personal family business kept me from seeing your response above. My apologies. What is the current status of the project?

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