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Placing dimensions (in need for tips & tricks)


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Hi Tannar



(forgive my type mismatches..)


I really appriciate youre explanation and point for making families parametric and so. The problem i have with this appoach for use in bridge design / tunnel / lock design is that there are to many different, none repetative elements we design. There is no ending to all that would have to be paraterized. I am one of many civil engineers who uses 'in place modelling ' with structural framing SF or generic model GM as basis. Important charasteristics of large concrete bodies are (a lot of) custom dimensions and the volume. I have been working with Tekla as well, ..hell i even designed buildings in the past so i understand your point of using parameters and the power of this, believe me. But civil structures are just a different world than buildings. Most of the times we found out that 'in place modelling' is just the most effective way. In stead of creating overly complex parameterized families that only the programmer can use or you need a guide for it.



So i hope you understand my need to find ways in which dimensioning effective follow changes in SF and GM mode. I tried reference lines and 3D model lines inside SF. This way you both can creating the dimension. But this is the same workaround as drawing lines in the view (both not wanted workarounds). What i really need is to when the revolve is chnged the dimensions (or description) of the pilar is changed too. This pilar is just the example of more cases in which i am challanged with this.




Check out this nice video to get an idea of this great project we are working on, with help of Revit!


model lines disattached.jpg

reference lines disattached.jpg

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Great video!


My suggestion would be to continue to use in-place Families. It sounds like this is the way you'll need to go. If that is so, you can still add Reference Planes within the in-place Family to dimension to. If/when you need to edit the Family, simply edit the RefPlanes along with it and any anchored dimensions will update automatically. This is probably the best advice I can give you with your specific use in using Revit.


Revit is meant for buildings, not necessarily civil structural design so you're at a disadvantage from the get go.


Hope this helps. :)



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Revit is meant for buildings, not necessarily civil structural design so you're at a disadvantage from the get go.


Hope this helps. :)




I fully agree....

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