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Dynamic Array Not Working

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I have a simple drawing that I would like to add an array action to. I just can't get it to work. I'm not sure what's going on, but when I grab the grip and move it, the rectangle around the drawing disappears and nothing arrays. I've attached the file. Please help! Thanks.



AutoCAD 2016

Flow Rack.dwg

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Ok I just opened your file and it worked of me. Just click on the object and then click 'Array'. From there you can type in how many rows or columns of the object you would like (how many replicas and in which direction) or you can do the 'drag the blue triangle' that I think you were trying.


If you are trying to replicate one the small squares or any other section of that object then click on it then click 'Explode' and then click on your chosen section and then click 'Array' and follow the same process as above


I hope this helps!


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Hi Sarah, Thanks for the reply. The problem is I am trying to create a Dynamic Block. I've added a linear parameter and an array action. It just isn't behaving like I thought it should. I've done the same thing with a simple rectangle and it worked fine. Thanks!

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There seems to be something funky going on in the file (or im just not getting it either). Im not well versed on dealing with dynamic blocks but i was able to get a few things to array in the block. Its strange i could get the arrows to array but if i select other certain parts in the selection set it would not array. How was this created? was it imported from another file format?

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