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Plotting - Grey prints as purple.


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I am currently using Autocad 2015 LT in as a freelance in someones office. We tend to hatch our building outlines in grey solid but when we print the grey comes out as purple.


I've been inside the network settings and adjust all sensible options but unfortunately it is still coming out as purple.


I assume that the issue is with the plotting settings from the workstation but have limited fire fighting experience with plotting.


Please help!


Plotter is a Cannon IP760, i have plotted the same drawing from several workstations and altered the screening/ pen styles and in a different version of AutoCAD (2010) which leads me to think the issue is applied to the layout of the drawing of the plotter setting on the network.



Any suggestions would be gratefully received

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Did you check the plot style that you are using to see if the normal grey color was overridden? What plot style is being used? Ex. - acad.ctb

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We have a Canon iPF760. I'd be willing to do a test print if you don't mind sharing the drawing. Don't need the whole drawing just enough to troubleshoot the problem. I assume you really do want this plotted in color is that correct?

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perfect. how do i send you the file? here is my email


Yes it will print in colour but unfortunately the grey is upside down

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All we are interested in is getting the grey to plot in the correct color. It could be upside down and backwards for that matter.


I just sent you an email. When it arrives you might want to edit out your email address in the above post.


Update: Turns out the solid hatch used in the plan views was on a different layer and assigned a different shade of grey than that used in the elevation views. OP said he knew how to fix the problem.

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