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OK, It's more complicated than that...


I'm working through a tutorial on linking parameters to an Inventor part. I have a spreadsheet set up to drive a regular box shape. My parameters are WIDTH, LENGTH, and HEIGHT.


I am in the base sketch where I'd like to set d0 and d1 to WIDTH and LENGTH respectively. How do I find the two existing parameters please? I have looked both in the sketch and out on the workspace. If I try to add a dimension, it comes in as d3.


The gentleman doing the video just magically clicks on the edge of the rectangle and d1 appears, ready to be edited.






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...it appears to not matter. I went back into sketch mode. I place dimension d4. I don't know why it numbered "up", as I don't think I ever placed d3 completely. I tried to rename d4 to WIDTH. I got error message "The expression cannot be evaluated".


Then I linked my Excel spreadsheet and it let me rename d4 to WIDTH. I placed d5 and made it LENGTH. Both dimensions updated to the spreadsheet values.


I went back to the 3D Model workspace and extruded it. Instead of entering a dimension, I typed in HEIGHT. It worked.


I'm still wondering how the tutorial person got d1 to drop in automatically though.



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Hindsight, I think each part file makes its' own set of "d0" parameters. I had used the first couple and deleted them. It restarted and went forward numerically rather than trying to reuse blank existing ones.

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