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Just Launched My New Site for Solidworks, Fusion360 and Mastercam


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Hey guys, my new site finally just went live. It is still under construction but i opened it up. I have hundreds more videos to add but here is the rundown. I cover Solidworks, Mastercam and Fusion360. Inside Solidworks i have content for API, SolidWorks Electrical, Driveworks Xpress and Solo as well as some general Solidworks content. Most of the content I am updating from videos I have done over the past few years. I also support the Power Surfacing add-in for Solidworks SubD modeling and i am uploading several hours worth of free content. I just started supporting Fusion360 and there is a free quick start course on there and soon to be released a paid 10hr course. This site has quizzes and certifications that go along with certain courses that will be released in the near future for Solidworks, Mastercam and Fusion. Most of the 1-3 video series or anything under about 30mins long is free(but you have to register for the site). Other stuff ranges from $10-$200 depending on length and if it has validation/certification with it.


check out the site http://www.SolidBox.tv and let me know what you think. There will be lots more in the future but i am still trying to finish up the big Fusion360 series as well as sort through all my content to put on the site.

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