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Named plot styles do not have effect neither on screen nor on plot output


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I am trying to use named plot styles (set in my home-made .stp file) to manage the print output of my layouts.


(The basic idea is to print all objects from all layers, what ever layer colour they have, in black; additionally I would like to play with lineweights, and I consider named plot styles to be the best solution for this.)


The problem is: my named plot styles do not have any effect what so ever on the plot output.


They also do not have effect on the screen output, although in the page setup the tickmark "Display plot styles" is set.


Two interesting observations in addition:


1) Used on the model (as opposed to the paper layout viewports), the named plot styles do have effect. I.e. my objects are represented black, and with different lineweights, as long as "Display plot styles" is tickmarked. After un-ticking it, the model shows coloured lines as expected, and vice versa.


2) On the paper layout viewport, I do not get any visible difference from applying the named plot styles (as I said above), with one interesting exception: Used on the frame that comes with the viewport on the paper layout, the named plot styles have effect. E.g. when I set the colour of the respective named plot style to green and assign this plot style to the layer where the frame sits, the frame gets green. However, nothing happens when I do this with the layers where my ordinary objects (polylines) sit.


I have spent now an entire 8 hours experimenting, searching in fora, etc. - to no result.


I am using Autocad Architecture 2015.


I started my project with the default settings, which was to use .ctb (colour plot styles) rather than .stb (named plot styles). I then changed this by using CONVERTCTP and CONVERTPSTYLES; from the resulting .stp-file, I deleted the colour mapping table in order be able to add more styles (as this is not possible when the colour mapping table is included.)


Any ideas how to solve the issue?

Am i doing something wrong? Or is it a bug, and could be solved by using Autocad Architecture 2016?

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