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Graphical Glitches?


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Hey guys,


Doing some Revit schoolwork and I came across something that is driving me insane.


I made a very simple office layout, and the exterior walls have several layers of sheeting etc. Initially all was good, all the walls joined properly with all the layers making nice 90 degree joins.


While I was manipulating the interior walls I noticed one of the exterior corners was no longer joined properly. It was like the walls were just butt joined. The different layers no longer made nice little 90 degree joins.


Nothing I could do would make them join back up.


Then when I was using a temp dimension to change a wall size that involved that corner it suddenly popped back to normal, while the temp dimension was up, but when I hit enter it went back to normal, or should I say abnormal.


Is this just a glitch? I have had the same things happen with interior walls, but usually a change in zoom fixes that.


I don't use Revit much is there a refresh command.


I just can't let go of this kind of thing, it annoys the crap out of me so any help would be appreciated.

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Revit has been known to act funny with unsupported hardware, but I'd say this would be a last-case scenario. Screenshots or a file upload would better help us look at the issue with you.

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Here is the corner in question. I have tried shortening the walls and reattaching them, making one longer and trimming, etc. The glitch always comes back.




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The project file is too large to upload here so here is a link to it. On a side note, I was working on placing windows, doors, etc and I noticed that the wall was almost fixed, except for or two small glitches. I then changed the detail level from medium to course and back, and the glitch returned.



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I opened your file and began messing with it a little. See if this helps:


Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.


I think what you're experiencing is the first thing I fixed... the Wall Grips and "how" the wall connects is important. If you don't use a continuous string to place walls, the corners can go wacky on you. That's why I use the AL and TR tools. Also, the Wall Join tool shouldn't be used excessively as it is a performance hit. Only when necessary.


Hope this helps. I still say you may need to check your hardware settings because on my end, it was visually much cleaner than what I'm seeing on your screenshot above.



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Thanks TZ!


I had tried to shorten the walls as you showed, but I didn't use the alignment tool, I was just extending or shortening the walls then trying to trim them.


As soon as I used the alignment tool and then the join tool, eureka it was all good.


I am sure somehow during my manipulations I screwed up that join.


Thanks again. I am sure my instructor would have never noticed as we only send screenshots, but it was driving me bonkers!

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