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Scale dimensions

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Please give me some keywords to solve the following:


I'm using Autocad 2016, and drawing the bluepirnts of a house. Everything is measured in meters, so the unit is set to meter. The plan will be used later to construct a scale model of the house. 1/150th scale model of the original.


What I would need:


During drawing I'd like to "switch" the whole drawing to 150 times smaller, so all dimensions will be at the size of my scale model where I can measure or edit and then go back to the original size.



Now I'm making a copy of everithing to a new file and scale it down by the suitable factor to get the 150 times smaller sizes that will fit to my later model.

It is not a powerful way, everytime I change something in my original drawing I need to make a new copy and scale it down again.


I hope autocad has a function for this, I've read about associative dimensions but I found it's not what I need. (or just I didn't understand it well)


thank you for any ideas

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It sounds like you are doing everything in model space when you should be making use of paper space layouts and viewports.


Attach a copy of the drawing you have thus far to your next post and someone here will take a look at it.

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Don't change the drawing - Change the dimensions!


Draw at 1:1 scale. In order to get your 1/50 scale dimensions create a new dimension style with the value set to 0.02 (I'm on my phone right now, so I can't show you how this is done - sorry).


Put each dimension style on its own layer so that you can make use of layouts and viewports to show the 1:1 dimensioned drawing and the 1/50 scaled drawing on the same sheet if paper.

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If it were me I'd probably use the "alternative units" in the dimension style. That way you'd have the real-world value above the line, and the scaled distance below it.




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