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Inserting images (in-line) to posts - has something changed?


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Over the past few months (ish), I've noticed that something seems to have changed regarding the method in which images can be inserted in-line into posts. I'm not talking about attaching an image as an attachment, rather I'm referring to insert an image into the body of the post. Any image that I try to 'insert inline' will be inserted inline AND attached to the post.

Previously my method had been to attach the image then 'insert inline' (using the 'Manage attachments' dialogue box). Up until recently, I believe this method worked OK. The image that was inserted inline would not be duplicated as an attachment.

Recently this has not worked. So I have also tried to use the "Insert Image" method (as described in this thread: http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?8863-How-to-add-images-to-your-posts). This doesn't quite work either (still duplicates images).

So, what I would like to know... Is there any method that allows me to insert an image inline, into the body of the post, without having the image duplicated as an attachment. I would prefer not to have to use an image hosting site, then post the link. I would rather this be handled all internally within CADTutor.

Ps, I have tried simply deleting the attachment from the post, once the image has been inserted. This seems to work superfically, but only for the current session. The image cache (or whatever) will be cleared at a later point and after returning to the post after a while, the inserted image has been removed (or link broken or whatever).

I don't recall this ever being a problem in the past.

Any fixes for this?


Thanks a lot for any help.


Ps: I have to use the basic uploader when using "Insert Image" as the standard one seems to not function in Firefox.


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Test in Chrome.


Cannot 'insert image' from local computer. Only as attachment.




Seems to work OK, no duplicated attachment when image inserted inline.


Though I would rather not have to switch browsers.

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