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Selection of, and snap to, hidden part of hidden line

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I have been drafting for years and i am familiar with Microstation and AutoCad. I used Microstation for 5 years, then changed jobs, the new job requires AutoCad. My issue is the way the 2 systems treat lines. Microstaation treats all lines as complete entity ie: you can sellect and snap to the "blank" space in a hidden line. I cannot do the same in AutoCad. example: Multiple hidden lines select for trim; i have to make sure my selection window intersects the visible part of a line or it won't trim, this is extremely tedious. The only option i have found on the internet that works is to change LTS then change it back. Is there a better way? also choosing the point where 2 hidden lines intersect (perpendicular snap doesn't work when the lines are not at 90degree angles)

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Re: Trimming.


Start the Trim command. Give the Enter key two quick taps. Now every line can itself be trimmed or used to trim another line.


Maybe it's technique but I have no problem using osnaps to find intersections or midpoints of hidden lines crossing other hidden lines no matter what the angle of each line is.

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You can change the linetype setting in the layer to continuous, change it back later.


To find the intersection of two hidden lines just use the Apparent Intersection osnap.

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