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Lisp for Coloring entities by Elevation in RGB Colors (Gradient)

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Hey all, I was searching for a lisp that would do the following: Color entities (polylines/lines) according to their elevation in RGB Gradient manner, what so far I came with is a lisp that would color point clouds but I couldn't use, and some non-free tools like EzySurf (Extra) and Carlson Civil but both use ACI Index, therefore options are limited, and so elevations, What I need is a one that could color entitis in RGB colors, let's say I have a set of polylines, minimum has zero elevation, maximum is 45, so I need the color of the lowest one to be (0,0,0)-Absolute Black, and the color of the highest to be (255,255,255) i.e absolute white, and the ones between to be gradient of both? and thanks in advance!

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