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File Path in Options for Multiple Users

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Is there a way that I can easily set the file paths in OPTIONS (for multiple users) so when we upgrade to a new version of AutoCAD, I can easily establish the network paths for our tool palettes, plotting pen tables, templates, etc.? As of now, every time we upgrade, I manually set this up every time for each user. I thought of maybe writing a script that will do this but wanted to bounce this off the forum to see if there is an easier way to do this. Thanks in advance.

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You can set the majority of paths via lisp, we just went from 2013 to 2016, you have two ways.


You can make a Arg and import a profile, set this profile as current but you must edit the desktop icon to use this profile.


Or do it manually using a couple of lisps, we just built 8 pc's and it took only minutes we wanted to start from scratch this time. Ok easy start Autocad go to Config and set the trusted paths folder that contains your lisps etc a nice trick you can set the top of a directory by add 3 ... to the path so ours is X:\autodesk... close config and run the lisp as per example, we have partial menu's for all our customistaion so a couple of minutes but could have added menuload to the lisp. Turn some toolbars on as per individual user, again no toolbars displayed as default so just -toolbar modify show, can then pick all other toolbars using the right click method of picking an existing toolbar. Once correct saved the workspace as an individual user name.


 ; resets the paths usefull for update versions of Autocad
; by Alan H 2011
; now 2016
; This sets a reference to the install path of your product
; the gets are their for info maybe other use
; use this to find other settings 
;(vlax-dump-object (vla-get-files (vla-get-preferences (vlax-get-Acad-object))) T)

(defun setpaths ( / *files* doc) 
; make temp directory
(if (vl-file-directory-p "C:\\Acadtemp\\")
(Princ "Acadtemp exists")
(vl-mkdir "C:\\AcadTEMP\\")

(setq *files*  (vla-get-files  (vla-get-preferences (vlax-get-Acad-object))))
; savepath
;(vla-get-AutoSavepath *files*)
(vla-put-AutoSavepath *files* "C:\\AcadTemp")
; custom icons
;(vla-get-CustomIconPath *files*))
(vla-put-CustomIconPath *files* "P:\\Autodesk\\ICONS")
; custom menu
;(vla-get-Menufile *files*))
;(vla-put-Menufile  *files* "C:\\Users\\2013XXXX")
; printers config
;(vla-get-PrinterConfigPath *files*)
(vla-put-PrinterConfigPath *files* "P:\\AutoDESK\\Plotting\\Plot Styles 2011")
; printers style sheet
;(vla-get-PrinterStyleSheetPath *files*)
(vla-put-PrinterStyleSheetPath *files* "P:\\AutoDESK\\Plotting\\Plot Styles")
; printer drv's
;(vla-get-PrinterDescPath *files*)
(vla-put-PrinterDescPath *files* "P:\\AutoDESK\\Plotting\\Drv")
; print spooler
;(vla-get-PrintSpoolerPath *files*)
(vla-put-PrintSpoolerPath *files* "C:\\AcadTemp\\")
; template  path
;(vla-get-TemplateDwgPath *files*)
(vla-put-TemplateDwgPath *files* "P:\\Autodesk\\c3d Templates")
; template location
;(vla-get-QnewTemplateFile *files*)
(vla-put-QnewTemplateFile *files* "P:\\Autodesk\\c3d Templates\\XXXX.dwt")
;make new support paths exist + new
(setq paths (vla-get-SupportPath *files*))
(setq XXXXpaths "P:\\autodesk\\supportfiles;P:\\autodesk\\lisp;P:\\autodesk\\fonts;")
(setq newpath (strcat XXXXpaths paths))
(vla-put-SupportPath *files* newpath)
; Tempdirectory 
;(vla-get-TempFilePath *files*))
(vla-put-TempFilePath *files* "C:\\AcadTemp\\")
;   PlotLogFilePath = ttings\\application data\\autodesk\\c3d 2011\\enu\\"
(vla-put-PlotLogFilePath *files* "C:\\AcadTemp\\")
;   LogFilePath = "C:\\Documents and Set\localsettings\\application data\\autodesk\\c3d 2011\\enu\\"
(vla-put-LogFilePath *files* "C:\\AcadTemp\\")

; xref temp path
;(vla-get-TempXrefPath *files*))
(vla-put-TempXrefPath *files* "C:\\AcadTemp\\")
; end use of *files*
; exit quitely
(princ "All Done")

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