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Autodesk FREE Training Events

Mr T

I would go .......  

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  1. 1. I would go .......

    • If I'm allowed out by my boss
    • If it was nearer my workplace/home
    • If it was for my software ie not the latest release
    • Not bothered

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well i've already signed up for the Autodesk 2008 Expo here in Dallas, on April 10th. My boss is all for me attending these types of events and what-not.

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Lucky you. I struggle to get out as they have to cover my timetable with a supply teacher, which obviously costs a lot.


I am taking three students, all starting product design degree in sept. and a student starting an Arch. degree.


The Glasgow venue was designed by the famous scottish architect Charles Rennie Macintosh.


I find the events Inspirational, especially the 3DS events.


I get home and can't remember all the cool tricks.



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If you register with the company called Excitech that Mr T mentioned, you can make a request for their CAD magazine to be sent out to you. UK only?


Their magazine really is first class!


Get it!!!!




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looks like the free ones have expired - they were for product launch


if you click your way through to the pdf for the one you're interested in there is a price at the bottom of the page

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I am Poliana from Pleasantville, NY. I would like to know about the AutoCAD events. Can anyone tell me if something happen in NY state?

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Is there any free 3d max tutorial website link here?


or can someone send me a tutorial link about rendering using autocad 2009 please..


Thank you!


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you're 10 years late


Since Mr. T's links are all dead, I'm not sure what he's talking about. What event? What venue?

He's probably just a spammer, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt . . . . . . for now. :twisted:

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