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Elevation P-F plate 4


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Hello all, first I want to say I love this forum,it has helped me with a lot of questions.

My problem is I'm working on Plate 4 in structural drafting showing the e-w elevation.

In the call outs it is saying that the concrete slab is 6" thick. I'm assuming for both the first and second floor. The problem I have is if I make the slab 6" and the clear distance from floor to ceiling of the first floor is 10' and for the second floor is 8'. the elevation is off. Am I reading the call outs right? or is the 6 " slab just for the first floor and the second floor is brought up to the elevation level?

The other question involved with this is, are the elevations including the width of the ceiling tiles, which are 1/2" thick or is it just to the beams?

Thank you.

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Information in Penn-Foster project instructions tends to be...


1. Incorrect or...

2. Ambiguous or...

3. Missing.


If you'll hold on a moment maybe I can provide you with an answer.

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Project 5 - Plate 4


The distances of 10 feet and 8 feet respectively are from the top of floor slab to the bottom of the overhead beam or channel depending on which plate you are working on. The slab thickness is 6" as stated for both the ground floor and the floor above.

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I am not on my CAD computer so I cannot confirm that but from what I recalled the top of slab elevation and finish grade were one in the same.


Correction: The top of slab elevation for the ground floor is 293.90 and the finish grade is called out as being 292.90 (a difference of one foot). The information appears on page 11 of the project instructions. I am referring to the 054040.pdf file that another student posted here recently.


There are threads specific to the project that contain images posted by other P-F students. Find one or more of them and have a look. Maybe you'll find an answer to your question.

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