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Import text from csv (X,Y,Code)


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Hi, i'm want to import the code (or description) from csv file (X,Y,Code) on the coordinates of each point.


I can do it in excel, but i'm looking for a easy way.






The layer could be current, height 2, and rotation 0. I can change this properties later, so no problem about it.



Please excuse my limited English, corrections are welcome.



Many thanks in advance.

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Very quickly written:

(defun c:txtin ( / csv des ins lst str )
   (if (and (setq csv (getfiled "Select CSV File" "" "*" 0))
            (setq des (open csv "r"))
           (while (setq str (read-line des))
               (while (vl-string-position 44 str)
                   (setq str (vl-string-subst "\"\"" "," str))
               (if (and (setq  lst (read (strcat "(\"" str "\")")))
                        (setq  ins (mapcar 'distof lst '(2 2)))
                        (caddr lst)
                   (entmake (list '(0 . "TEXT") '(40 . 2.0) (cons 10 ins) (cons 1 (caddr lst))))
           (close des)

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Thank you very much Lee Mac :)


It is exactly what I had been long looking for. Many thanks for your help.

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