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'New Posts' and Forum Searches not working today.


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The 'New Posts' (or 'Todays Posts' if you are not logged in) are not working this morning.


They just give a Database Error.


Knowing that these use the vBulletin search functions I looked at those as well.

Sure enough they also give the Database Error.

It seems to be the search that is the underlying cause.


You can still see which forums have new posts- they have a Green 'bubble' on the left of the forum heading.


I've sent admin an email about this.

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If you access through the CADTutor Homepage, the few current threads shown on that page are available, which was how I managed to read your post nukecad.

I hadn't bothered sending admin a headsup, since on the Database error, it said they had already been advised, but glad you did, just in case that was erroneous information. :beer:

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I'd seen that it said an automatic report would be sent;

but I know that the admin/owner on another site doesn't give much priority to automatically generated reports from the VB software, (it can make a lot of them at times) and only checks them once a week or so.


Reports made by users tend to get quicker attention.

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