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Bill Tillman

What's With QUOTE in the Array

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Bill Tillman

Some other developers here are sending some variables with values into the project I'm working on from C#.NET code. It looks simple but something I did not expect is happening.


(setq the_array '('(1 "R" 0 1) '(1 "L" 0 1) '(0 "L" 0 1) '(0 "R" 0 1) '(1 "R" 1 1) '(1 "L" 1 1)))

If I examine the value of this variable called the_array it will show this:

((QUOTE (1 "R" 0 1)) (QUOTE (1 "L" 0 1)) (QUOTE (0 "L" 0 1)) (QUOTE (0 "R" 0 1)) (QUOTE (1 "R" 1 1)) (QUOTE (1 "L" 1 1)))
I wasn't expecting the word "QUOTE" to show up in the array. I'm going to parse this text to do some drawing tasks so just deleting this text from the string I think I can handle. I'd like to know why it shows up in the first place. I think this guy's attempt to form a list of lists is not quite right.


By removing the leading apostrophes I able to get the "QUOTE" text out of the value, but I have to admit I wasn't expecting this to happen. Nor were the other developers. And to be honest, I don't really need the " " around the text items in this either. So I'm going to change their input slightly to make it easier to parse this list of lists.

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Lee Mac

The apostrophe or single quote is a shorthand equivalent for the AutoLISP quote function, therefore, by quoting a list which contains single quotes, you will see the AutoLISP quote function appear as the quoted list is a literal expression and hence is not evaluated. This is no different to quoting a list containing any other AutoLISP function or symbol. Since the entire list is already quoted as a literal expression, the quotes within the list are redundant - see here for more information.

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