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Double click on multileader block


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I am trying to fully customize AutoCAD in my daily work. Successfully I've managed to to override double click action for block with attributes, so now, when i click on some specific named block I have my own VBA form working (not a standard attribute editor window).


But problem occurs when I am trying to do the same for multileader with block.

When I've changed macro for double click on multileader it is showing only when you double click on leader itself, but when you double click the block in multileader - AutoCAD is still opening attribute editor window. When I've changed the macro for all possible block double clicks - it doesn't work as well.

For Autocad still I am double clicking on multileader - BUT - after that, somehow it opens block editor - when it is specified in multileader.


Does anyone have the solution here?


Thanks for help!

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Welcome to CADTutor.


Not sure how you're handling the instantiation of your custom form, in lieu of the native forum... Perhaps by implementing a custom CommandMethod, and mapping that to the double click action in CUI (so this is all handled natively)?


If not, then consider having your code evaluate if the MLeader being opened during ObjectModified has ContentType.BlockContent, in order to determine what to do next.




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Thank BlackBox for quick reply!


This is how i am handling my custom forms now:

1. In CUI for double click on 'block with attributes" I have command to start my VBA macro

2. Macro will check the name of the block (by using first object of activeselectionset)

3. If the block (name) should have VBA form - it will show up. If not standard attedit window will apear.

4. From the level of custom form i can modify block content.


Its ok for all kind of blocks. And of course for multileader - but only when you double click on leader.

When you click on block attached to multileader - it is showing always attedit window - i cannot override it from CUI level.


Please see attached ppt where I've put short video of my issue.


Thanks again!


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