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Virtual Printers - Nitro Pro "Installation"


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Hello All,


I'm out-of-work and searching. Whilst going through the process, my wife has started a new business. I have become the DeFacto CAD Toad. She keeps feeding me and not making me sit out in the rain, so life is good.


We've used the Primo PDF Free version along with AutoCAD for many years for little trivial things around the house. We really have had few issues, for free.


Primo PDF virtual printer - listed


Her company, all two people, wanted to be able to do some editing in the PDFs, and they desired to own the software being that they are for-profit. They looked at features and cost and Nitro Pro (Primo's real-life big brother) seemed like a great deal.


I think, as I have in the past, I'd like to install Nitro as a Virtual Printer (System Printer, is that the correct nomenclature?) The computer that we are trying to install on is a Windows 7 laptop.


I installed cutepdf write earlier, the free version, and it shows up in printers. It works fine.


I have tried to go through "Add Printer" and Nitro doesn't show up. I Googled myself around for a while, sent in a ticket, don't know how long their response will take, and landed in wikipedia.


Nitro Pro Wiki-link


It doesn't appear that is is capable of being installed as a virtual printer.


Have any of you good CAD-Peeps ever tried/solved this?


I have briefly considered installing the Primo PDF and using it as the Virtual Printer. (I know it would somewhat duplicate Cutepdf Writer)


I am aware of the native AutoCAD .dwg to .PDF plotting/conversion. Workflow-wise I think we like just switching "plotters".


Any thoughts are welcome while I'm waiting for tech support.




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Well, a couple hours turn-around - not the worst. It looks like my idea may have been close to a solution. Reply edited to leave sender's anonymity:


Hi M.,


Thanks for reaching out to us!


Usually, when you install Nitro Pro license on your computer, Nitro PDF Creator (Pro 10) should automatically install on your machine and you should be able to see it in the Devices and Printers System Panel. If that's not the case with you, this is caused by the recent Windows security update that our developers and engineers are currently working on. We apologize for this inconvenience and will let you know as soon as we find a solution to it.


In the meantime, you can either install Primo PDF (virtual printer) or use Microsoft Office 'Save As PDF' feature.


If you wish to install Primo PDF, please visit our site at http://www.primopdf.com/.


Thanks again for your patience.




M. K.


Team Lead, Customer Success & Support


225 Bush St., Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94104


In my original web-form-email to them I'm pretty sure I mentioned AutoCAD. That's lost on most people.


All that said, I wonder - could I temporarily turn off Microsoft Security and reinstall the Nitro?

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