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More Sculpt Problems


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I have a converted dxf file (convert from an STL) which was used to create a 3d part and therefore must have been an enclosed volume (or the 3d printer would reject the file). But when I open the file, it has a series of 3d faces instead of a 3d solid. I have used convtosurface cleanly. But when I try to use the sculpt command it says it cannot find a watertight volume.


I have attached the file without the surfaces as later files are too big.

Is there any autolisp or script files that can check and highlight problem areas?

There are a number of files I need to check. This is just one example.

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I got as far as creating 24088 solids but when I tried to union them this is the error message I received.


Modeling Operation Error:

Inconsistent information in vertex and coedge attributes.

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I am using AutoCAD 2017.


I got the solids by first using the CONVTOSURFACE command then using the THICKEN command. I specified a thickness of 0.01.

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Do you have the .stl file?


This sort of task is better suited for something like Rhino, but a free program like MeshLab might put it back, but you would need the .stl.


What program was used to make the .stl a .dwg?

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Thank you SLW210. I downloaded MeshLab, loaded the STL, selected all the faces, filled the holes, exported as DXF and was able to run ConvtoSurface, then Sculpt into a 3d solid.



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Glad it worked. There are some tutorials around for it, but see you worked it out now.


FreeCAD may also be of use for this.


You could post the STL file here as a zip file.

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