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I am in the process of testing a new cad file serverand I am wondering if there is a pre-configured test available. I am currently replicating projects, remapping data shortcuts and xrefs etc. This is very time consuming as I have to keep mapping/remapping files and drives. I would like to just test file access times with duplicate data from my desk to server "a" and then to server "b".


Any and all help and suggestions are appreciated.




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Nothing comes to mind but there are ways to test access time manually - which you would have to do on both servers to get any kind of useful comparison.


Assuming you are using windows, the date/time modified" for those files becomes updated server-side only when the file is successfully opened.

So you could use that to your advantage by using it as a gauge for timing file access to the CAD files from the server.


One method would be to first sync your computer's clock with the server's. Then you would monitor the time the file is opened (maybe even better to time it at x minutes, zero seconds).


After the file is opened, you would then be able to go onto the server after the fact and look at the date the file was last accessed and just compare the two.


There may be some kind of benchmarking tools out there that could do this better.


I know there are network monitoring programs that can monitor all the input/output traffic from the user-side too. SO you have some options.

The network monitoring programs can get pretty convoluted and confusing if you aren't familiar with how they work.


But they grant the added benefit of being able to "record" all the data coming in and out of your machine for a given period and you can save that as a file you can look at later.


And if you install that kind of software server-side you would be able to see what kind of load the server is handling when the files are accessed and compare the results on both servers.


I would site examples but there are many out there. And what would be available depends on what you're running server-side.

But there are some that are free.



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