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Dimension baseline and continue in one?!


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Hello all,


I wondered if it's possible to have a kind of command or lisp that gets the continue and baseline command in one single command?


In the picture below you see the result I need in one command.

Now it is done in 2 commands and it's taking a lot of time.


17-08-2016 13-09-10.jpg



Can somebody help me?




Kind regards,


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A few different ways to do it a suggestion just pick points using a lisp, in dim order, save in a list and run the two dim commands one after the other.


pick pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4
dim pt1 pt2, dim pt2 pt3 etc in a loop
dim base pt1 pt1v pt2 pt3 pt4 pt5 etc


Ps I do the horizontals all in one go just drag a line over the verticals. Its what I call Autodimensioning, sorry its copy right. pretty sure there are versions out there, check maybe www.Lee-mac.com

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(defun c:tt()
 (setq p1 (getpoint "\nStarting Point")
p2 (getpoint p1"\nEnd Point")
nn (getint "Number:")
      lst nil)
 (if (and p1 p2 nn)
   (progn (setq lst (dividex p1 p2 nn) sc (* (getvar "DIMTXT") (getvar "DIMSCALE")))
          (mapcar '(lambda (x y) (command ".dimaligned" "_non" X "_non" Y "_non" (polar x (- (angle x y) (* 0.5 pi)) (* 5 sc)))
	                  (command "_text" "_non" (polar x (- (angle x y) (* 0.5 pi)) (* 5.5 sc))  sc  (* (/ (- (angle x y) (* 0.5 pi)) pi) 180.0)  (rtos (distance x p1) 2 2) "")
	      )  lst (cdr lst))

(defun dividex ( s e i / a r sl)
   (setq r (list s)
         a (angle s e)
  sl (/ (distance s e) i) ;
   (repeat (fix i)
       (setq r (cons (polar (car r) a sl) r))

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@SSSD: This LISP doens't work...

It's not really what I'm searching for, but thanks anyway :)


@BIGAL: I don't get it what you mean.. :unsure:

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I am suprised some else has not posted its not that hard, have a look at the images, the dims were done in single pass, it was done using fence and ssget.


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Bigal, your link is not working. It is taking me to edit your post. Can you check it please?



This is the message:



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