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Restrict where move parameter in a block can go?


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Is it possible to restrict a move parameter in a block to one of 3 locations?

The Cover Sheet Title block we use has 3 options for what a plan set is. The options are listed one below the other with blank ovals to the left of each option, similar to below.

o Progress Set

o Final Construction

o AsBuilt

I created a solid hatch, then used a point parameter and move action so that you "fill in" the oval of the correct plan option. The hatch is movable, but it moves anywhere you put your mouse.

This works fine, but it would be even better if it could only move from one oval to another instead of all over the place.

Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for any advice.

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A couple of ideas comes to mind as its a hatch at a known location could just once found, move it up a prefixed distance the obvious is once you get to top it would go to bottom and start again.


Another set your osnap to INSERT only then move use the text insert point then as base pt - next pt. A simple defun that gets loaded on start up we have a few that use the osnap number as the call.


(defun c:47 ()(setvar "osmode" 47))
; what you want 
(defun c:64 ()(setvar "osmode" 64))

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Try the attached block, a point can't be restricted, but you can achive the same thing you want with a linear stretch as this can be limited to a list of values, I also added in a lookup to make selection a bit more user friendly 8)


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