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Help with video intro - flythrough of logo

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Hi there,


I need to recreate an introduction intro vid/clip that is a flythrough of a logo. W e have a video of what is required but our logo needs updating - unfortunately we only have the mp3 so I can't do anything with it.


Here is the existing vid we transfer link.




I have modelled up the new logo but I can't get 3DS Max camera to behave as per the existing one.


Can anyone on here do this kind of thing I guess it is pretty straight forward.


If anyone can help, pls message me. If someone can do this I am willing to pay for the privilege but also want to learn how it's done :)

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It is pretty straightforward, but it does take some time and effort to get the camera set up and following the camera path correctly.


Have you checked out any video tutorials? There are many on Youtube. Here's one that might be helpful:

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