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Upgrade of Plan Production tools

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Dear Gentlemen;


I am using AutoCAD civil3d 2014

I prefer to have one more option as shown in an image below


send cad tutor2.jpg


I have more works on Plan & again Plan works as below image


Final Drawings Volume 2 15.jpg




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Hello anyone;


There are many drawings we need Plan views without Profile

In one sheet 2 Plans


I try using Plan only option & cut the sheet 2 Plan viewport, bring to sheet 1 bottom area, the PC get struck (not responding)

If this works for me, I can do this for same length like; 5, 10 or 20Km, but for more than these Kms not possible



1.) Street Lighting Layouts,

2.) Topographic Survey Layouts,

3.) Existing Utility Services & Proposed Relocation Layouts,

4.) Land Acquisition Plans


I look forward to hear from you



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added examples

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No one reply!!!


<a href=EXtfPrM.jpg' alt='EXtfPrM.jpg'>



thanks Autodesk

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The only suggestion I can think of is to make all the sheets then use something like this copy layout to copy every second layout tab to the prior one then delete the blanks.


You would need a custom sheet set maker for two sheets as the viewport needs to be rotated as you walk along an alignment.


Change the paste insertion point

; copys a papersapce layout to another layout
; By Alan H Oct 2014

(defun C:cplay ( / alllayouts lay num x ans oldsnap)

(setq oldsnap (getvar "osmode"))
(setvar "osmode" 0)
(setq oldtab (getvar "ctab"))
(command "zoom" "E")
(command "copybase" '(0 0 0) "W" '(0 48) '(801 554) "")
(setq num (getint "\nEnter tab number"))
(setq alllayouts (vla-get-Layouts (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))))

(vlax-for lay alllayouts
(if (= num (vla-get-taborder lay))
 (setvar "ctab" (vla-get-name lay))
) ; if
) ; for

(command "zoom" "E")
(command "move" "W" '(-900 36) '(820 570) "" '(0 0) '(-840 0)) 
(command "zoom" "E")
(command "._pasteclip" '(0 0 0))
(setvar "osmode" oldsnap)
(command "Regen")
(setq ans (getstring "\nTo go back to original layout press <Cr> any key exit"))
(if (= ans "")(setvar "ctab" oldtab))

) ; defun

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