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Geometric shape construction assignment help.


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Hello, I need some help on how to proceed with the assignment I'm working on.

Here's an image of the object I'm currently working on the top one. Or since I can't get it to rotate the left hand side one. I'm confused on how to make the Pill shape at the start point.


The commands we've learned are Circle, offset, quad, tan, trim all the basic commands and polygons. Pretty much. But most of these according to my instructor can be created only using circles. When theres a 0 with a / through it that means diameter.




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I can't cover everything here so let me just say a few obvious things you need to know and apply


Use the tangent osnap


When you need an arc tangent to two objects you can offset them by the arc's radius, draw the arc from the intersection of the two offsets.


Watch the image given closer, draw what is explicitly given, add dimensions as you go to verify (use a new layer for dims), draw all center lines, use them to offset, keep those in the drawing.

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The forty degree angle starts at the center of the 44 diameter circle. Draw the 40 degree line by starting the line command then typing in the required distance and radius. Example: @100


It is pretty much the same thing for the other drawing. At the centerpoint of the 50 diameter circle start the line command then input the distance and angle. You can then use the Offset command. FYI - Snapang could come in handy too. Angles can be positive or negative. Example of latter: @100





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