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Hello, I keep placing the free camera on the view port. Once I add the camera to a path and change it from the z axis to the y axis so the camera will face towards an object..it keeps facing down for some reason! Can anyone help?! and let me know what i can do to fix this problem?:oops:

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That's because you are using a free camera without a target - a free camera will always look at the same direction when it was created unless you animate and rotate the camera in your frame sequence.

If you wish to look at the direction of the path then use a target Camera



Use the link "Cad64" posted above and see how you can attach a camera to a path - You can also attach the target of a camera to the same path if you wish the camera to follow the path

select your camera first then assign path constraint to it - once done, select the target and assign it again to path constraint - Now all you have to do is change the % Along Path and give it a higher value - this will make your camera follow the path always looking at the direction of the path



Hope this helps




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