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Electrical Circuitry on REVIT

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I'm looking to do some circuitry on a project I'm currently working on.

The content of the project ie (switches/sockets/floor boxes etc) has been populated by a third party.


On the families that have been included i have no voltage value for the fixture.

Can this value be added to these fixtures?


Thanks in advance.


Electrical Fixture Issue.jpg

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Yes, but it may already be capable of being circuited. You're scrolled down to the bottom of the Instance Based properties so I cannot see if any electrical parameters are associated. You should see a parameter for Voltage and Number of Poles. These two parameters are the bare minimum to circuit any device. And it may be Type Based, in which you'd select Edit Type to change the values.


If this info isn't added, select the Family and and click "Edit Family" to enter into the editor. From there you must place an Electrical Connector. Once that's done, for any Electrical Fixture to be circuited, you must now add two parameters: Voltage and Number of Poles (be sure they're the proper parameter type) and associate these two with the connector. Reload the Family and so as long as your Voltage and Number of Poles match the Distribution System of the Panel you want to circuit to, it'll connect.



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