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We have a plotter in our office that everyone uses. However, this plotter was installed differently on all of our computers. I am attempting to change the names of the paper sizes, but since it is installed a system plotter, the option to change the name is grayed out. I have also tried to make it a PC3 file, but the issue still remains.


Is there any work around to this issue?

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They've done the same to us here. When installing the plotter on each machine they will give each one a random name so every time a drawing is plotted by someone else it the Page Setups need to be redone. We lack rights to install or rename anything.

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It sounds like you are connecting to a network plotter that is essentially configured as a local printer. If everyone has it set up this way, everyone's print settings are going to be unique to their user accounts (including the plotter's name, for example).


If you are configuring a PC3 but with the "local" plotter, it still would only be recognized in windows as a local plotter so, as you might expect, creating a PC3 wouldn't help much since everyone's settings still be be unique to each user.


My recommendation would be to configure the plotter as a true "network printer" that is hosted on your network (with one universal name) and configure it on all machines as such. Then you could create a new PC3 file and at that point all the configs/settings should show up the same for all users.


Everyone's company networks are different, so I would recommend employing the help of your IT folks to get it set up as a true "network printer" hosted on your company network . And once that's done they could assist with deployment on the user side.


From there you could create your new PC3 files and take the customizations as far as you want.


You could then either email the PC3 to all other employees so they're on the same page - or keep the PC3 in one directory on the network.



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