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Mline properties


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Dear All,



I need to draw a mline in a drawing and I' m going to close it as rectangle box.

I command mode it is so easy but in VBA programming mode I have no idea.



Is there any chance to do the matter





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Welcome to CADTutor Msakhaee. :)

Does it have to be a multiline, or could it be created with the RECTANGLE command?

If so, has the multiline style definition already been created specifying caps at both ends at 90 degrees? Something like shown in the screenshot?

Mline style for rectangular box.jpg

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Thx for reply.

It should be Mline box. the standard style is acceptable. and there is no need to define a new style or modify the standard style. the most important matter is to close the Mline as a rectangle.



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I assume that you understand that the style as shown would do that automatically, and that if it was set as the current MLINE style on your machine, or included in your .dwt, you could just draw a single multiline and walk away?

As simple as that seems, I wonder what is to be gained by doing it differently?

There may well be a good reason, and I don't write code, just curious, as it seems pretty easy as described. :|


Looking at the Preview box in the Mline Style Dialog box, you can see how easily it can be done.

I guess my point is, that I see no need to create it in a style which is incompatible with what you want to do.

Using it styled thusly, draw your line, it self closes, and get on with your next task.


One advantage of doing it this way is that the entity is still an Mline, with nothing extra added.

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Instead of drawing all four sides of the box, draw the first 3, then hit C for CLOSE, and the result will look like the left one in your drawing.

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Have a look at drawing plines and then offsetting may be a much easier way to go, or just draw as many multi lines as you need and like Dadgad have multiple options like close, end, break, join to another line, there is lots of lisp code out there for drawing multiple lines. I have 2 and 4 multi layered. VBA has been discussed many times as no longer being supported. You would see the masses descend on Autodesk if they stopped lisp.

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